Saturday, February 25, 2012

Does the US Postal Service screen packages?

Say that you were shipping something across an international border, like Mexico to the US? Would the Postal Service be allowed to screen your package? Would it be legal?Does the US Postal Service screen packages?
Yes they can and they do. So stop whatever it is you are planning to do and DON"T or you will go to jail.

Mexican jails are awful...god awful.
U.S. Mail sent out of the country is subject to Customs examination from the destinating country. In your case it would be from the government officials of Mexico. Incoming mail to the U.S. goes through the U.S Customs officer. They randomly open and inspect packages unless a package is suspect. Packages entering or exiting the U.S. should bear a customs form on the outside of the package listing the contents of the package. Keep in mind that any illegal activity used via the U.S. Postal Service mail system is a Federal crime. The Postal Service has their own internal law enforcement agency to handle illegal activity.Does the US Postal Service screen packages?
No the postal service wouldn't screen it. it is legal for them to check it, but that's customs' job and yes customs would check it.
Yes, they do. They also screen domestic packages via xray. So, have your dealer ship you your drugs from Mexico via UPS or Fedx instead.Does the US Postal Service screen packages?
They do screen packages coming from other countries.

It's boarder control doing the screening.

They open all packages that have drugs, weapons or large sums of money in them.
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